Idea: 3D Printed Mask Adapters

3d printed


The purpose of this group is to asses the validity of the idea of 3D printing plastic adapters to be used with off the shelf commercial scuba masks, to use them as respirators. The group would asses needs versus availability of masks, launch a market survey of type P3 filters and available stocks. Right now there are two possible applications, first where the 3D adapter would be connected to respiratory devices forpatients in intensive care, and the second where, the 3D adapter would be used to build standalone respiratory for patients in sub-intensive care and first-aid medical personnel (ambulances)

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The group

Noemi Beni, Beka Maisuradze, Salvatore Buontempo, Martin Gastal, Zoltan Szillasi, Armando Lanaro

Contact Person

Armando Lanaro EP-UCM