Idea: Protection Masks

Man with a protection mask, Zürich, Schweiz


As part of the CMS' experiment's effort to fight againtst the covid-19 pandemic, an effort into procuring and possibly manufacturing face masks has been set up. This effort is exploring multiple solutions and strategies with the intention of providing protection equipment necessary for limiting the spread of the virus and protecting the community.

The CMS Protection Mask project is mainly focused on the following 3 major activities:

1) Commercial mask procurement
2) MaMa - Mask Machine Project 
3) Hand made mask project (BTN - Better Than Nothing)

For the item 1) our working group was helping CERN management to collect reliable and robust commercial suppliers for Surgical Type1 and FFP2 Type masks. A significant list of firms from China, Taiwan, India were located and contacted to get an offer for large amount (>100k pcs) delivery in relatively short time (1-2weeks). Concernign Item 2) MaMa Project we were again collecting a set of firms in Europe and Asia able to provide mask production lines (automatic/semi-automatic) for different types of masks.

CERN is considering to secure the operation of local mask production line by the end of June. Concerning item 3) BTN Project we have defined a simple tutorial on how to sew a hand made mask. Basic components are Cotton, NonWoven Fabric and Jersey. We are procuring this material and distributing it for free to a list of sewing volunteers. They will make masks following the tutorial. On weekly bases we will collect the masks and secure the availability on basic material for next production. Hand made mask tutorial will be made available in this web page.

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Face Masks against COVID-19

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Face Masks against COVID-19

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