The CMS against COVID-19 Engineering Initiative

The CMS Technical Coordination has established the CMS against COVID-19 Engineering Initiative to channel ideas and initiatives from the CMS collaboration and members, that may support the collective global fight against COVID-19. The objective of this Engineering Initiative is to ensure an effective and well-coordinated response, drawing on CMS’s many competencies so as to maximise our impact.

CMS Technical Implementation Group is eager to help with the CERN efforts being coordinated:

CMS can offer:

i) volunteers from an almost fully intact and locally resident (mostly in France) P5 engineering and technical support team.

ii) any materials we have in store at CERN sites (all CMS owned PPE has already been transferred to emergency services by our LEXGLIMOS Niels Dupont)_

iii) an almost complete and empty multipurpose building SXA5 at P5..1200m2 total surface ...most basic services are installed and working.

iv) our P5 CNC, but some skilled machinists...small scale 3D printing expertise as well at ISR

v) contacts with specialist manufacturers worldwide.

vi) controls expertise.

vii) small-scale specialist assembly and testing experience.

The CMS against COVID-19 Engineering Initiative is coordinated by the CMS technical coordination team, and any person from the CMS collaboration can be a member.

Others are called in for specific aspects according to need.

If you wish to join the initiative please refer to the Contact Page in the main navigation menu, and fill out the form.

Proposals and ideas can also be sent to

Scope and purpose of the Initiative

The CMS collaboration is committed to try and mobilise the skills and creativity of the CMS members. In this spirit, the initiative was set up to gather ideas and organise the construction of demonstrators. The initiative will be working on finding short term solutions to the huge challenges that presents the COVID-19 crisis, as such, we would like to propose pulling our resources together to explore solutions to:

  • Produce low cost respirators
  • Design apps to assist in the tracking of the infection spread
  • Work on any systems protecting the medical staff while carrying out their duties.

The first steps will be to collect and review ideas. Then, once the situation allows, to use the CERN/CMS facilities to produce demonstrators and study industrialisation solutions.